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Enjoy A Bigger Market Basket
In addition to our flagship Mallory brand, Hopkins Canada will begin distributing fast moving SKUs from our other product categories ... all in bi-lingual English/French packaging!
Home of the Mallory Brand Since 1900
Exceeding Expectations in Everything We Do
On his Blenheim, Ontario family farm in 1891, George Mallory grew frustrated that flies kept getting into the farmhouse during sum- mer canning operations. Using parts of an old umbrella and a spring, he designed a latch that would keep the door closed tight ... and keep the flies out of the house!
Even as a teenager, George showed he had a flair for inventing solutions that solved basic problems. His idea for the door latch earned a patent and he soon began making them for people in Ontario. Eventually, this product expanded throughout Canada and ultimately was distributed worldwide. In the century that followed, Mallory Industries continued to grow by solving problems. Today the Mallory brand is the number one brand of winter tools and automotive squeegees in Canada.
In August 2013, another milestone was reached. With the next generation pursuing other career opportunities, John Mallory chose to entrust his namesake company to Hopkins. In the process, we have renamed our Blenheim production and distribution center Hopkins Canada, Inc. Of course, Blenheim will remain the home of the Mallory brand as it has for more than 100 years, but we are investing in this facility to make other market leading brands from Hopkins available in Canada
TTTTTTTInnovation Drives Growth
· Our focused teams of product managers are experts in their respective categories and generate the best consumer and shopper insights
· We translate these insights into meaningful innovation ... having won international awards for product and packaging innovations
· Our shopper insights tailor assortments for industry best return-on-space performance

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