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WHAT DRIVES US DRIVES YOUR GROWTHWhat drives us, sets Hopkins and Hopkins® Canada apart from other companies. Simple things like service. Our team members thrive on collaboration and will jump through hoops to maintain among the highest on-time, in-full shipping in the industry. But even after the sale we are here for you and your shoppers. We havea team dedicated to technical support to ensure shopper satisfaction after the sale.We know value is critical, delivering qualityproducts at competitive prices. So we developed a global manufacturing footprint that strikes the right balance between quality, cost and availability.We pioneer consumer-driven innovation thathelps you maximize comparable growth while elevatingyour shopper satisfaction! We know that satisfying yourshoppers helps build loyalty to our brands and the retailers who carry them. And over time, we have seen retailers who partner withHome of the Mallory Brand Since 1900Hopkins and Hopkins Canada outpace the growth of the industry.We know our recognized consumer brands make it easier foryou to satisfy your shoppers. Brands such as Bell®, Hopkins Towing Solutions®, Sub-Zero® and FloTool® ... all recognized leaders in their categories. And notable brands like Arm & Hammer® and Mossy Oak® have turned to Hopkins and Hopkins Canada to create innovative solutions. Altogether, we have more than 25 brands for you tochoose from!The  nal insight to action is our award winning retail presentations. Pulling all the pieces together to create a compelling presentation to shoppers, driving captureand conversion. Our in-house team knows how to get product to move o  the shelf!Consider this catalog as a test drive ... so you can see how our passions can drive your growth in 2017!

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